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You can now read Shirin's new book The Pink Magnolia, a true and a very moving story of why Shirin became a writer holding to so much joy, hope and ambition ending in Tragedy by the man whom she trusted.
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You can also get Shirin's book "A Feast of My Persian Heritage" for free from this site. You will need Adobe Reader to read this book but this too is free.

Please have a look at these amazing books on this page The file may take a while to download, it is rather large. Shirin invites you to savor and enjoy her book A Feast Of My Persian Heritage, written in memory of her darling late husband Michael, her dearest late nephew Farshad and all her family past and present. The book is Managed by Koorosh Vafadari. When you follow the above link please right click the mouse and select download on each file in order to view it.

A FEAST OF MY PERSIAN HERITAGE is the third remarkable, tantalising book and the most comprehensive yet from the award winning author Shirin Simmons. Who has shared over 220 traditional Persian recipes subtle, distinctive,elegant and varied. Its influence and popularity streached from ancient Persia to Rome and Greece, then finally, during the 7th century and the conquest of Iran by the Arabs, to north Africa and on to Spain and the rest of Europe.

Shirin Simmons is the first Persian born cookery writer to present in the English language recipes from salads to complex exotic banquet dishes, especially the sweet and savoury delicacies from her mother's collection introduced to the world as early as 1988. Shirin grew up enjoying and experiencing cooking from her early childhood days in Yazd to her teenage days in Tehran. A FEAST OF MY PERSIAN HERITAGE is far more than just a cookery book. The book is spiced with anecdotes and stories about family traditions, as well as accounts of her travels through the various regions of the country, from pre-revolution to her very recent visit to Iran, some of which can be highly emotional. The recipes are given a historical and cultural contest which makes this much more than just a cookery book. Muslim, Zoroastrian, Jewish and Christian recipes are presented along with the details of their associate festivals and custom.

The emphasis throughout is on fresh ingredients particularly fruit, nuts, vegetables and pulses, making these recipes ideal for a modern, health-conscious,western audience throughout the world. Packed with advice on ingredients and cooking techniques, this is a superb introduction for novice cook and expert chef alike to the pleasure of this influential and sofisticated type of world cooking.

Since the publication of Shirin's first book ENTERTAINING THE PERSIAN WAY 1988 her books have become worldwide award winning bestsellers. Shirin's second book. A TREASURY OF PERSIAN CUISINE was the winner Gourmand world cookbook AWARD 2002 and also worldwide bestseller.

A Treasury of Persian Cuisine (second edition)- available from October 15th, from all good bookshops. You can order now.

Paperback: 270 pages

Publisher: Stamford House Publishing; second edition (15 Oct 2007)

Language English ISBN-10: 1904985564 ISBN-13: 978-1904985563

Stamford House Publishing are proud to announce the publication of the second edition of Shirin Simmons truly unique and superbly written Persian Cookery Book. This is a fascinating history book, an autobiography and a remarkable cookery book as well as being a delightful guide to healthy living.

A Treasury of Persian Cuisine is a fascinating insight into another culture and another history and its reflection in a different cuisine. Shirin Simmons takes us thousands of years back to a Persian civilisation that existed before the Greeks were heard of, then forward via Artaxerxes and Ghengis Khan to today's Islamic state of Iran, interweaving the whole with a broad knowledge of the traditional foods of the region and their significance. The qualities and medicinal properties of the ingredients she cites are detailed in depth and their place and relevance in our diet is explained.

While the Britons were still mixing woad, the Persians were constructing canals, farming, building cities, and trading across Asia and Europe. Medicine was closely linked to the religions of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity (and later Islam) and these were closely linked to diet. The author highlights the significance of particular foods to health and wellbeing, and explains how these fit in the ancient Persian culture but can also be enjoyed today.

Shirin Simmons brings great personal warmth to the text, recalling particular dishes and recipes as she encountered them at particular stages in her life. She ties religion, health, politics and family medicine directly to the recipes she describes, and then tells the reader exactly how to prepare them. The emphasis throughout is on fresh ingredients, particularly fruit, nuts, vegetables and pulses, making these recipes ideal for a modern, health conscious western audience.

Shirin's Books can be purchased from all good book stockists.