You can now read Shirin's new book The Pink Magnolia, a true and a very moving story of why Shirin became a writer holding to so much joy, hope and ambition ending in Tragedy by the man whom she trusted.
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You can also get Shirin's book "A Feast of My Persian Heritage" for free from this site. You will need Adobe Reader to read this book but this too is free.

Please have a look at these amazing books on this page The file may take a while to download, it is rather large. Shirin invites you to savor and enjoy her book A Feast Of My Persian Heritage, written in memory of her darling late husband Michael, her dearest late nephew Farshad and all her family past and present. The book is Managed by Koorosh Vafadari. When you follow the above link please right click the mouse and select download on each file in order to view it.

Shirin was born in Yazd central Persia, the second daughter and the youngest of the five children from a middle-class Zoroastrian family. Shirin's grandfather Ostad Kumars was a politician, historian, poet and author of a book on Persian cuisine and culture.

Her father Khodadad was a civil servent and published author. Her middle brother Khodabakhsh was a poet and her youngest of three brothers Firoos, an artist. Her mother Homayoun was a housewife and most talented cook. Homayoun was able on sampling a dish, to creat it herself without the aid of a recipe. As a result of her extraordinary culinary talent, inhereted by her daughter Shirin. Entertaining was a regular event and the house was always full of family and friends. All food was enjoyed with homemade wine by eldest brother Kumars and elder sister Sarvar.

Shirin left Persia in the late 1950s to study English in London, where she qualified first as a nurse, then as a beauty therapist. She also took a course in Art, and then returned to live with her parents in the capital city Tehran where she became a teacher and also practiced as a nurse.

Shirin has lived in England since 1970 with regular visit back to the country of her birth Iran. Her dinner parties and buffets have become legendary amongst her circle of friends. Shirin formed a very close companionship with her later sister in law, the late Cecilia green (Simmons), who was a former ballerina and also favourite model to the water-colour artist Sir William Russel Flint.

Since the publication of her first book ENTERTAINING THE PERSIAN WAY 1988 and A TREASURY OF PERSIAN CUISINE 2002 her cooking technique and recipes has crossed the world from Europe to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Japan, Vietnam and the far East.

Shirin Simmons is the very first to write a cookery book which includes travel experiences where she began her research about different ingredients we use today. This work went into print for the very first time in her book ENTERTAINING THE PERSIAN WAY published 1988, A TREASURY OF PERSIAN CUISINE 2002 and the more recent and the most comprehensive A FEAST OF MY PERSIAN HERITAGE..

Her travels include to many faraway places, living extremely dangerously in a lot of them. Her most challenging experience was hiking in the snow of Chile Patagonia in South America then crossing a very deep river with extreme high current holding on to a rope which almost cost her life.

She has also hiked in South Africa,Costereca and the Amazon where there are dangerous snakes, and in Alaska she has run away from Bears.

She also has had the most wonderful experience of different countries such as Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Hongkong, Mexico,Africa, India, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, and many other countries far and near.

Shirin Simmons is also the very first to include descriptions of traditions and ceremonies in her books, now the idea has spread to others especially Iranians.

Based in the Wembley area of London, Shirin also teaches cookery. Email for details of lessons.