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You can now read Shirin's new book The Pink Magnolia, a true and a very moving story of why Shirin became a writer holding to so much joy, hope and ambition ending in Tragedy by the man whom she trusted.
Managed by Shirin's family.

Please also have a look at the Evidence file while you are there

You can also get Shirin's book "A Feast of My Persian Heritage" for free from this site. You will need Adobe Reader to read this book but this too is free.

Please have a look at these amazing books on this page The file may take a while to download, it is rather large. Shirin invites you to savor and enjoy her book A Feast Of My Persian Heritage, written in memory of her darling late husband Michael, her dearest late nephew Farshad and all her family past and present. The book is Managed by Koorosh Vafadari. When you follow the above link please right click the mouse and select download on each file in order to view it.

The book is Managed by Koorosh Vafadari

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The emphasis in Shirin Simmons books throughout is on fresh ingredients, particularly fruit, nuts, vegetables and pulses, making her recipes ideal for a modern, health-conscious, western audience. Packed with advice on ingredients and cooking techniques, they are a superb introduction to this influential and sophisticated type of World Cooking, ideal for the novice cook and expert chef alike.

Her books reflect the mixture of ancient Zoroastrian and self-created modern styles and influences that make up Persian cookery, and provide a collection of all the different cuisines of Persia in one volume. The recipes are full of healthy eating - fresh ingredients, low fat, vegetarian dishes, fruit and nuts. Also they include superfoods such as pomegranates, known to be an important contribution to a modern healthy diet.

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Bp>You can contact Shirin on shirin@shirinsimmons.com